i need a windows vps / server.
it should have remote desktop, and ability to run inte


i do not actually want to use it for hosting etc.

what price range should i expect ?


$29 a month.

i use them for my servers, all deds though. Im sure their VPS is fine. tech support sucks, sometimes, and others its great, though I only use it for catastrophes.


Is it possible to run windows desktop application from a vps like that?


i think that would depend on the license and the OS running on the server... I believe you'd have to either have Hydra or whatever they all it running (so that you can have your own desktop) or you could always just install VNC and run your desktop that way.

I used to use VNC to run both RedHat and Windows desktops on my


 ... don't have any need anymore, but on my local


 work it was very fast. Hosted elsewhere and then over a broadband connection it would be passable for occassional apps, but not for full time work I'd wager.



quote author=Ekim link=topic=388.msg2736#msg2736 date=1185890200

Is it possible to run windows desktop application from a vps like that?

From what I understand they are running the new windows2003 virtualization server. its a full install from your point of view. just like having a dedicated box. Terminal service and everything. So yes you can run apps from it like it was your desktop


 hine. however, its 64bit and windows SERVER2003, so some apps may not work.

at least thats my understanding. i could be completely wrong of course.


basically this is what i am intrested in

It is like a


  wrapper arround inte


  explorer ole.
it good designed wrapper in that even thought it high level you can still get at the low level ole crap if need be.



  has to be able to run on 64bit server.
the question comes in about IE.


nicer imho


You could also just use autoitscript. Has a pretty nice set of IE automation functions and since the language has a builtin wrapper for COM objects, you can write the heavy lifting portions of your code in whatever language you want (that will run on windows). I use it a lot for windows apps. The syntax is like


  meets VB.

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