I have a flash product demo that I want to iframe on my landing page. Inside of the product demo, from time to time a link will come up "click for more info" etc. I would like to be able to control the destination.

As I dont have access to the flash code, my first thought would be that when they click the link maybe I could capture an event with


  and redirect at that time? Any thoughts on best way to pull this off?


Eeek, that's a toughy. The flash redirect will avoid you in JS completely - unless they've provided a hook to talk to the flash bia JS, there's no way from a pure client perspective that your can adjust it.

Have you tried to decompile the flash, modify it and recompile it? I have not down that but I know it can be done... but that solution is only viable if you are providing it from your servers.

If you are providing an ad from another server, then off the top of my head the only way I can think of doing this is to check if the URL that you DONT want them going to is at least grep-able in the flash code... so that you could proxy the request for the ad through your server, grep and replace the URL with one of your own making... that's a wild-eyed hack, but it *might* work. So, the ad code on your site would point to your own server, which makes the request for the flash, gets it, modifies it on the fly (or has it cached if it's not dynamic) and sends it out to the surfer. Yuck tho...


great ideas. Most of mine have been along the same lines of ugly over elegant. I have requested that the manufacturer just let me have access to the source or to recompile on their side with my urls instead of theirs. the URL in the flash takes them away from the page, so I could always do a popup of some sort on exit and then just move it to the front - still, now they have the Trusted manufactures page open as well on their screen which could cause me some challenge. Maybe I will have luck convincing them I will make them more money if they just follow along.

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