I'm gonna skip a few modules and move right on to the Mass Installer.

Here is what I plan for it to do.

Giving the form a hostname, username, password, serverpath, template, keyword category and amount of random keyword list ... it should go about assembling the files and FTP to the target host.

The core file system of the content generator will be stored on a dir. Templates on another directory and keyword lists already present from my previous project.

Now a question for all you gurus.

Would it be wiser to (on a mass scale)
1) Assemble core files plus templates plus keyword on a temp directory and upload the whole bunch in one go.
2) FTP core system, FTP template dir and FTP keyword list.

Or it makes no difference?



i no longer do this type of thing, but when i was doing it.. in my system it generated the site (yacg) on my servers in a temp directory, afterwards i had the option in a form to either ftp the completed site to a server that i inputted or to download the site(s) generated in zip format (there was a class that zipped them for me that i forget the name of, but something to think about)

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