Thread: getnet vps

Anyone have one of them running?

I signed up for one but I'm having a difficult time getting things sorted.
How do you open a shell terminal from the parallels control panel?



Shoot the guys who own it an email. Be really specific. I asked them to install the latter three letters in the LAMP stack for me so I wouldn't have to muck with it. They were gracious and didn't charge me any extra or anything like that. Helpful guys. Also ask them to install Yum so you can get your packages more easily.


I had several but recently shut them down when I bought 6 new dedis.

The only way I ever used them was to SSH in, which looks, for all intents and purposes, just like my dedis. I have no idea what the problem is, but call and ask for either Jeremy or Claude and they can straighten you right up - they're good folks and won't hang you out to dry.

If you get troubles, ping me personally and I'll reach out.



I've sent a couple of emails.  First one was as speedy as anyone could ask for.  The second one (to Jeremy Lebo, btw) is yet to be answered.  The second one is the one I need to get things going.  Shell.

Tried to ssh in from my home box.  No go with putty.  So, tried Secure Shell for Workstations with the same results.  "shell is not available on your server".

Funny thing is:  In my parallels control panel the server is shown as centOS.  If I access the site thru the numeric IP, it says


  running under Fedora.  I asked about that too.

If I could see a shell prompt I'd know which os is running. 

Don't want to call and interrupt them.  They'll get to the mail.  Just thought one of you  here would know the magic spell that opens the door.  Applause

@Perk  thanks for the offer, but intervention at that level might come back to bite me in the


 her regions later.  I don't like to break the chain of command as long as there are other options.


602-264-7000. Jeremy is there right now. They expect to help my friend, and that's part of what you are paying for. Don't let yourself run to frustration when it's inappropriate.

Understand @ chain of command - at the same time, if I am recommending something they should know I am doing it and they're not holding up their end. Lemmee know.


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