Just a quick note.... I have been allowing in lots of people as I have been getting quite a bit of new traffic from searches for their username - EG Smaxor searches send me a few people every day to his profile page.

With that tactic comes some risk of course and so today I came across a polish forum where someone had posted the fact that being a member at my forum was a good way to get a pharms backlink... time to act

If you edit the Profile.template.


  to add a nofollow on the link it should slow them down a little

Something like this: -

<td>', $txt[96], ': </td>
<td><a href="', $context['member']['website']['url'], '" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">', $context['member']['website']['title'], '</a></td>
<td>', $txt[113], ' </td>


So what you're saying, is that Mr. Luvs Viagrastein and Ms. Cialis Purchase are NOT REAL members on my board?  Applause


Those are me, Perk.  Just a little cloaking to prevent ......


Good idea Applause

For one of my other forums which apparently either got on an XRumer list or some other sort of 'go here to spam' - I put a spam filter on it, that worked fine, but caused some registration issues Applause  So - I changed to VBulletin.  Perfect now.  I like SMF a lot, but VB is pretty nice as well and (I think) a bit harder for spam-bots to seek and destroy.



People spam forums for 2 reasons...

They want profile spam linked to their site (I no follow my profile links)
They do post spam in new threads - easy to sort with moderation

Personally i let anyone in and then kill the bots if they cause issues


Don't forget sig links...




yes but a sig link requires a post in a thread


for SMF forums, I always keep signature links out of it as well as using blacklists.

How do you use a profile to do anything without siggy links?

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