Heehee... just got RedHat 8 (circa 2002ish) running on my


  - it runs faster than the old


 hine I had it on.

Then got Kylix running under the virtual... a delightful thing to see Kylix running on my



Then compiled a web application in it, fired it up as a shared object under


  and it flew...

All of this in an effort to bring the last bit of compiled legacy code I have under my current development umbrella. Kylix was actually never certified for anything beyond RedHat 7.2, so trying to get this stuff to run on anything contemporary is just that side of impossible.

My goal now is to create a complete disk image that I can run under Parallels on a little box in my cage... I am told by the Parallels folks that my drive image created on the


  should operate just fine on a little


  box. If so, I can create and "wrap up" this legacy stuff in an easily backupable package and start to do some serious rewrites.

Ah. Of course this thread is meaningless to just about everyone else here except Jammaster, but I just needed to share Applause .


<img src=>

Way to go, man! TOTALLY SWEET!!!!  hmmmm........ 




::gears turning::


LOL you completely miss me man...


  *is* TParser ... That's one of the reasons I went!

You should look at this thread:





... in combination with


 , that is literally the solution we had with the Robot language and Delphi extensions.

Thanks btw... I'm working this morning on bringing all 200K lines of my legacy framework into the virtual and will see how it goes from there. I'll let you know. Side note, gonna be a PM on the way in a bit with a little yummy for ya... Applause

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