Perk, you should make one Applause


funny you say that... I've started it already. That being said, it's my first template from scratch and it's going to be a while for me to get everything under my belt. I'm working through a client site first to see just how much poop I have to wade through.

The essence is easy - by setting the device width of the browser the


  picks it up and makes sizing a breeze. The tough part is re-jiggering all this information into that small area.

Working on one for this place, my telemetry and want to implement @ syndk8. I'll post here as it goes. I've an iead for testing here as well.


cool. I figured you were. I'm ghey now, so I need everything to be




Applause Let me know if you're up against something and I can help.

It is brilliant, but not without it's frustrations and growing pains. Well done getting that cost in before the turn of the tax year Applause


the breakdown was this:
60 bucks for a battery
15 buck for exchange *2 for 30/month
save 40/month on a service switch (which surprised the fish out of me)
(30+40)*12 = 840 + 60 = 900 -


 s after tax @ 860 = 40bucks left over for beer at next years xmas. woot!

2 year con though makes me feel icky. but it seems even tmobile has nothing but 2 year deals now as well.

mail syncs with gmail for business (free version)
calendar and contacts sync with outlook or entourage.
calendar could sync with gmail through some convoluted crazyness service, but contacts seem to be the real issue. I hope google creates a solution and


  works with it, like LDAP server, because that would now mean, no more worries about the desktop blowing up and losing all my contacts. With exchange that was the benefit.

so, when is the phone going to "legally" allow 3rd party apps?


The API is in the wild, although I do not yet have a copy of it (very tough to get - it's not supposed to be on the loose). It has been officially released to beta devs, and the stated plan is general availability in February. The most interesting thing to me, will be just how Steve's clan has wrapped the coder up... the security propoganda is that


  has created a space where the coder can move freely, but the phone user is still protected... since the phone runs as root on a unix box, there will need to be some interesting changes for that to be really true... the number of potential ways you could do some REALLY REALLY black stuff with a recording


 work connected device and that OS platform is almost frightening.

Scratch that, it's WAY fishing frightening.

All that being said, I am just salivating at the rumor sites and what people are doing with it. I am of the opinion that


  will figger it out, even though there will be some bumps as it takes off.


Wow Perk I just got a crazy freakin idea. I don't think I should share it here though, but you can probably put the pieces in order regarding the access a developer who developed a "must have" viral app would have over millions of


  users' DNS records...


I'm looking forward to see what


  does with the API because the


  on the


  is running as root ...  Applause ... (whoops, already said that just noticed) and the ideas for what could be done with a hand-held recording and photo device that is always available to the


 work is <>unfishing believably cool rather frightening.


There is this one place in the woods you can go hide
with the red sashed girl from the junior anti-sex league
and he wont see you.....



Jailbroke my


  last night. Nice suite of apps that people have developed already. I suppose the


  is going to essentially be a platform to develop web apps that can interface with the


 's unique capabilities, the likes of which are already kicking around in some places.

That's cool and all, but sometimes I would like to play tetris or minesweeper in a place that doesn't have any service...otherwise why would I need to play tetris or minesweeper? Applause


Careful, the rumor sites are pretty clear that the 1.1.3 update will brick the phone if it's jailbroken... no date yet on when it will be out.


Drop date is probably the day of Jobs keynote. Usually is anyway.


Nothing forces you to upgrade to 1.1.3.

I won't upgrade until some souls...have done it first.

Also if it's anything like 1.1.2, you just need to wait until they release a prep tool for and then re-jailbreak it once 1.1.3 is released.

I doubt it'll even be a big deal though, as *right now*, my phone has all the features they plan to implement in 1.1.3 and more.

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