Best wishes for health, happiness and a full-ride scholarship when the time comes to Nutballs and his lovely wife, new parents to a healthy you lady whom arrived yesterday afternoon.

Please join me in <>sending our condolences celebrating their new bundle of joy!

Congrats my friend,


I think NB has better g


 ics then me, all i ended up with was a bundle of terror Applause


Congrats NB  Applause


Excellent news.

Well done - Mr, Mrs and young NB Applause


hehe, well done Mr. and Mrs. Nuts!

All the best nb, enjoy, it's a magic time.



thanks guys. sorry for being a bit outta the loop and such, but it sounds like you all know why.  Applause

So the cycle starts.
stare blankly into space

She's a little cutey, of course I have always wondered if I would be capable of telling if my own kid was an ugger... So who knows.

but again, thanks all. my soul is about half a day back still, but catching up. once it does and I get caught up on work, i will get back into posting i hope.


Post a picture!

(Attached JPG/PNG/GIF will display in the post)


Did you cry mate ?

I sobbed like a little school girl as soon as I saw Daniel's head crown, but had to force the tears back in with Lauren as Sue was telling me (in the sternest voice I had ever heard from her) to "Shut the f**k up Jason" as I told her to push LOL

It was Lauren's 1st birthday today. It's an old saying but time doesn't half fly mate. Make sure you buy loads of SD (or equivalent) cards and use them all up in your camera. You just can not have enough pictures


actually jenny did quite well, except for a period of time that the epidural stopped working for no reason. A little bit of tears at the end, mostly because my wife was crying, and I was glad to see her joy. I was more tired than anything, since it was over 36 hours in the hospital before delivery, due to induction because of my wifes sudden high blood pressure.

brag photos per request Applause
(cross posted from syndkApplause

and what we are currently seeing alot of...


[me=JasonD]smiles a stupid dad smile Applause[/me]

Lovely mate



Makes me broody again.....

Applause no no what am i thinking

Goes off to get more tea and try to get that idea outta my head

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