Thread: Campus Wireless

I live in a house about a block from my University's campus, where naturally every building has wireless inte


 .  Over winter break I moved into a room with a front porch on the 3rd floor.. which gives me a clean shot at 4 different campus buildings including the CS building.  So I ordered a nice directional 16dB gain wifi antenna, a higher power wifi adapter and some cable.  Yesterday they came in the mail so I set it all up.

I'm now downloading at 700KB/s.  God I love college.



Right on chide... nice work. Is the WiFi adapter USB or...? I am looking at creating a road kit with an amp rig like that but need it to be connectable to my Powerbook...


Yeah, it's USB.  ALFA AWUS036H to be exact.  It seems to work well, except I'm noticing that I get significantly less bandwidth during the day.. probably because there are so many access points and users around.  Even with my antenna being really directional I'm still picking up about 25 APs!

I look forward to doing some wardriving at some point though. Applause


Ahh.. and now at 2am (yes, even at 2am!) with less interference I am downloading at 2.4MB/s.  How sweet it is...

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