I'm always pumping something from di.fm.  Usually the european trance and progressive channels since those channels are basically crack.  I don't suppose anyone here listens to mainstream top 40 type stuff when coding but I wouldn't hold it past some people  Applause


My mix runs from Strauss Waltz Extravaganzas to My Chemical Romance. Lots of newer jazz, or Peter Gabrielesque stuff in the late evening when the fam is in bed, perhaps 877 The 80s Channel streaming in the morning for something different. If PinkHat is in the room I'll conceed to MOR/contemporary country.

I personally find that *any* style of music played too long starts to slow me down. About an hour or two in one style and I need to mix it up... the brains freshen up and it's like a new moment. Since I spend, on average, about 12-14 hours a day in front of my 8 monitors 7 days a week I need to keep it as fresh as I can.



I have the Billboard End-of-Year Top 40 for each year from 1960 to 1969 that I crank up.


First off, Perk, you are a madman.

Now, with that out of the way - The Kaptain prefers heavy music / industrial/ with a side order of Tenacious D.  Putting the MP3 player on Random with a bazillion songs seems to do the trick.  Sometimes he just likes to listen to the sound of sea gulls in a blender though too - good for the nerves.


quote author=KaptainKrayola link=topic=151.msg873#msg873 date=1178204816

Sometimes he just likes to listen to the sound of sea gulls in a blender though too - good for the nerves.

Peaceful, yes. But a handful of nuts and bolts thrown into the dryer is also nice, as is the soundtrack from "The Haunted Mansion."



You pump some of that out while coding and you code faster and faster and faster until your fingers bleed

Smoke, Coffee, Rinse and Repeat Applause

Seriously it rocks !!


I'm kinda too old for house, acid, techno, etc. but I love it!

Anything along those lines, no lyrics allowed is fine.

D.J. Tiesto, Darude, Hard Kandy, etc. get me in "the zone".


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