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I have found some old code that I had to reverse engineer back to Delphi source, but wondered if anyone remembers enough of this old and ancient language, as well as having a compiler (Kylix?)




I have all the Delphi Enterprises (up to 6 or maybe even 7), Kylix 1 and Kylix 3. I can assist with syntax and compilation shitties (Kylix was notorious) and, provided it's for research purposes only  :Applause I am willing to work with you on an install image. Actually, I still love the absolute rigidity of that language and the implementation of OO design. Also, the class hierarichy was fantastic. Lemmee know.



Thanks pal.

Will be in touch Applause


I am currently using Delphi 5 to scrape a well known search
engine and stock information web site to relieve them of their entire stock database.

Has been running solid for over a month and a half now, every
random 25-45 minutes making a single click, parsing the results
and spitting it into an SQL Server.. as if it was just some human doing it. muhahahaha
Im a little over halfway complete.... And then i have to go back and get what happened
while i was getting it... <sigh!>

I own and on seperate


 hines am experimenting with Delphi 7 and 2005
as well.

To this day i find it a stable and extremely buildable RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT
System.  I am curious to research the Kylix as well and wonder if my libraries will port over?
What flavor of


  does it install best on?  I have them all as well but am currently sporting



lmk about that image...and that reverse engineer code...


JM82 is a well known techno-anarchic, so be careful with his advice  Applause Applause Applause

JM - it is <reasonable> but not flawless. I found that my class libraries that were unGUI went pretty damn well, GUI stuff had a lot of troubles.

The last supported OS was RedHat 8, although I've made it work on RH 9. I've also made it work on a RH9 instance running on my


  under Parallels, which is pretty neat to see.

The logic behind your classes will also move quite nicely to an OO thinking of


  - this is what I have been doing for the last 2 years and it's pretty strong.

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