this is strange

i was playing around with lighttpd, getting to know it.

looking in my access logs i see request's for a domain that is not mine. actually a subdomain, we'll say 'sub.somedomain


 '. the user agent is 'Spong 2.7' (some


 working tool).

i type the domain in my browser and it resolves to my server. i know it's mine because the request code in my access logs is 200 and i see my personal ip in the logs now.

i have 2 IPs bound to my server. it seems whoever's domain this is, has incorectly used one of my ips in his dns records, i'm assuming unintentionally. it is only this subdomain 'sub.somedomain


 ', not 'somedomain


 ' that this is happening.

i'm just going to serve a 404 or redirect for this domain and maybe block the IP making these requests (which resolves to this guy's 'somedomain


is there anything else i should be taking into consideration? i can't find anything shady about this guys domain. just a personal blog taht looks legit. so i'm assuming this is just a mistake.


look up the domain in
can that topic make money?
if no, get rid of it by 404 or to redir to google or something.
if yes, put up a site that will sell something to the visitors.

really though, if you want to be nice, let the guy know who actually owns the domain. depending though, the sub may not be his, but probably is.


If the domain has lots of PR.
Then make a BH site and spam the shit out of it Applause


unfortunately the domain is useless, no pr, just a last name. no serps or traffic either besides this 'spong' tool.

for now i blocked the ip making requests and return a 403 when the domain is requested. maybe he'll figure it out.
i was a little startled at first thinking someone was up to something but i guess it's just some guys mistake.

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