Junk Science, Coming To A Theater Near You!

Please, take a moment to go here and see what the anti-logic, head-in-sand crowd have cooked up for us this time:

http://www dot noteviljustwrong dot com/
(Sorry, just can’t even pass them link juice – you’ll need to repair the URL)

Its interesting to me, that you usually see the best scenes from a movie in the trailer… the funniest moments, teasers of the best scares… head jerks of the most mind blowing effects… well, when they get a toothless bathtub gin runner to claim that “Al gore just orta do this somewhere else” you just KNOW they’ve got a blockbuster on their hands.

The best amateur rebuttal to the film I’ve seen is here:

Sort of getting old, the discussion about how much things are going to cost, without even weighing in on the real human cost of ignoring this stuff. The movie seems horribly naive and politically motivated (in fairness, that’s what the right says about Al Gore and the whole climate movement crowd, but that’s only because that’s all they’ve got…) and although I’ll be over 100 miles away, I’ll be trying to blast back into town just to go see this Charlie Foxtrot of a pseudo-science debacle first hand. I’ve heard that the woman who’s bought out my favorite movie house for the day to show it is a birther that thinks Obama is a communist.

I can’t wait to meet her. :twisted:


  1. WillyP says:

    I wish I could be there. One part of our country is merely drivel. Have fun with the ditz queen if you do. I’ll be thinking about you!