Anger & Nescience

I wouldn’t usually do this, but this comment just so perfectly typifies the right wing spirit of anger and nescience I have to replay it. I’ve added paragraphs for readability, otherwise it is here in it’s original form.

Quote from comment by Trex
Wow, I have to say that I am very disappointed… I stumbled upon this site when I was researching Apple innovations and really thought you (Perkiset) were quite a learned and reasonable man – now I read all these far left talking points and I have to say, well, I was wrong. Every progressive I know thinks they are, but in reality they are some of the most closed minded people I know.

You started all this with a news item about slashed tires – do you want me to list all the vandalism by so called progressives, this is your area of expertise? Every other day I get a sign ripped out of my lawn, my neighbors too – but the Obama signs are always fine…

For you or anyone to support a person who is unknown, untested, hides whole blocks of his life i.e. where is any info on his college days? how did a person like Obama get into Harvard? Is his cousin in Kenya responsible for genicide? Heck, the stuff we do know is enough to scare any reasonable person. Please tell me you a little curious about this guy, or do you just want a Dem in the white house no matter what – And don’t let me get started on Biden, Obama might as well be running with a cardboard cut out. For Lefties to be blind to the fact that Palin is so much more experienced than Obama and to treat her with such disrespect while giving Obama a pass on everything is amazing to me.

Well, I know this will get no where with you, I don’t know why I even bothered, but it’s just sad that you have absolutely no intellectual honesty when it comes to politics. One last point, if he does win, you have no one but yourself to blame, and I will come back here in a year or so and remind you of your great choice.


First off, I think it’s important to note that I do not enjoy, condone, approve of or in any way support vandalism or disrespect to other people’s property at any time and for any reason. My primary notion of Liberty is that as soon as YOUR notion of Liberty impinges on MINE then the law should immediately be employed to remove us to our separate corners. I am saddened that anyone in support of Obama’s campaign would do that, and you are right to be pissed off about it. I must say, however, that given your clear political slant and lack of penetrating vision or grand scheme of things, I’d like to see a little more scientific data that the McCain signs are always pulled out of your yard but the Obama signs are always fine. I find that dubious.

I’d like to take a moment with some of your points. First, after 21 months of campaigning, how can anyone say that Obama has gotten a free pass while Palin has been treated with disrespect? It is fair that the 21 months of vetting that have been applied to Obama, McCain, even Biden because he’s run for president twice now should be levied against Palin, who until a few weeks ago was a complete unknown to the country. And it is not disrespectful to plunge hard into areas that we need to know about… like her ties to the successionist Alaska Independence Party, or how she left Wasilla in debt to the tune of millions even though she started her tenure with a surplus, or her behavior during the so-called “trooper-gate” (an admittedly stupid name) or her being involved in a church where the pastor still performs witch hunts? You would say that piercing these issues is less respectful than, say, continually bringing up Reverend Wright for Obama or pushing the Bill Ayers thing? It was important for those things to come out about Obama and it was important to see how he handled them. He will find far less amenable enemies on the world stage than even the Congressional one.

And questioning Obama and his school record? Are you kidding me? Do you really think that Obama is that capable, that magical that he managed to fanagle his way into Harvard, dupe the school administration into making him #1 in his class and hypnotize the entire student body such that he would be elected the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review? Do you realize how silly that sounds?

Your first and final statement about looking for a learned and reasonable man (and being disappointed) and the notion that I have no intellectual honesty re. politics really cement the view. Reactionaries such as yourself look simply for items that help you inflame your own anger rather than facts and historical review to support a future direction. I understand, clearly, why our country is in trouble when I read comments like that. It is even more clear that we need to double the budget for education in our country, and right quick.

The Republican talking points mentioned here and argued ad infinitum by the McCain lemmings and the Republicans that just can’t admit that he’s wrong for the job are just silly. Let’s look at a couple, shall we?

  • Obama will raise taxes.
  • Palin has much more experience than Obama
  • Obama will just raise your taxes.
  • We need mavericks in the white house, the kind that McCain and Palin have been all along.
  • Obama will kill the economy by raising taxes.
  • Obama is a muslim.
  • Did I mention that Obama will raise taxes?
  • Obama pals around with terrorists.
  • Obama will make Al Quaeda all happy and warm inside.
  • Obama will ruin the health care system because he’s a socialist.
  • Obama will raise taxes.
  • Obama is a communist.
  • Obama isn’t really an American.
  • Obama is anti-American.
  • Obama will raise taxes.
  • We are in more danger of an attack with an Obama presidency.
  • Do we really want someone with a middle name “Hussein” in the white house?
  • Obama is unproven.


It’d be lovely if the Republicans actually had a plan, or realistic points to argue – but instead they deflect from their own massive failures to meaningless points and lies. It’s going to be a long 8 days and a longer 4 years I’m afraid.

Thanks, Trex, for making this post and, ironically, my point. As a side note – I’m happy to take responsibility for the people I vote for, unlike the Republicans of today that seem to think Bush was some form of aberration. I’ll stand by whatever happens.


  1. braindonkey says:

    I still cannot wrap my brain around how the wingers can argue that Palin is more vetted than Obama? 6 weeks vs 26 months? She is governor of one of the LEAST populous states, and he is a senator of one of the most populous states.

    “how did a person like Obama get into Harvard?” What, you don’t think they let niggers in? Your racism is peeking out from under your robes…

    I don’t understand what stuff we know that should scare us about him, vs the stuff we know about McCain and Palin?

    Here’s the common problem. The right believes that a PLAN is better than a VISION. I would rather pursue a vision than stick to a plan.

  2. vsloathe says:

    Usually a lack of “information” is nothing of the sort. Usually one has to actually go out of his way and spend the occasional hour on a Saturday afternoon pursuing actual, factual truth. I assume this particular individual gets all the slanted trivia used to inform his political opinion from one of those wonderful primetime outlets. Or perhaps he watches Faux News.