An E-Ticket Ride

Good lord – am I the only person that feels like they’ve been battered about the political body all week? This has got to be one of the weirdest 5 days I’ve ever seen, following some of the financially scariest 7 days we’ve seen in a 80 years, following 19 months of the wildest ride I’ve been party to since I could vote. I’m exhausted!

Got a call from my father this morning, who is very concerned that, played correctly, the whole McCain/Washington/No Debate thang could be a profitable October surprise for him. I’m comfortable saying I even heard despair in his voice. Well, I can’t say that I have any kind of crystal ball, but MAN I don’t think this is going to play well for him at all. Some thoughts:

  • McCain will have a tough time selling that Obama is the impetuous youth since he’s now demonstrating a minute-to-minute inability to keep focus and Obama has been cool almost to a fault. In fact, this may really give legs to the “Wrong Temperament” argument as well as bring more light to his age and out of touchness. As John Stewart put it, “[paraphrased] Only John McCain can act impulsively about an emergency that is 10 days old.” Although I have a legendary lack of faith in the American populace, I think I’ll have to give them enough credit to catch the foul odor emanating from this one.
  • Speaking of odors: how many times did David Letterman say “This is starting to really smell bad” after McCain blew him off, lying about the reason, got caught on tape during make up with Couric then DIDN’T go to Washington as he said he would, then lied again about the reason to Dave? When he looks so bad that even a staunch supporter starts calling him out on national TV the way Letterman did, his ratings trend will not be reversed, to say the least. Then Letterman fans are a fickle bunch but love their host… you don’t want to piss them off.
  • OK McCain, let’s see: I’m not debating unless there’s a deal: Fly to Washington, find out that there’s a deal in the works: Within hours of arrival, deal falls apart: Most Congressmen say that his arrival is a huge part of the problem: Decides to debate tonight, even though there is no deal. I think it’s completely fair to ask: What the f&*k? This demonstrates his presidential qualities?
  • And his running mate has not fared any better. In fact, if it wasn’t for the continued collapse of civilization as we know it, the real big story would be what a complete and utter idiot Sara Palin is. Her interview with Couric was at best disastrous, at worst, a preview of the coming implosion of the United States. It is fair to say that the bloom is off the rose – the trends are all good, but we need to see more movement. So Sara, please continue to talk … you’re doing just fine.


Sidenote: I feel badly for Sara Palin because, although I disagree with her fundamentally and so very many issues, she is a human who has been thrown to the political wolves. She was clearly no where NEAR ready for this assignment, and for John McCain’s staff to pluck her from her idyllic lifestyle and place her front and center on the national stage without proper training and support is much akin to the way our troops are in Iraq without enough body armor.

Not only are the McCain buttheads callous, shallow political creatures that are happy turning an up-and-coming politician into a political joke, they are the most sexist of all by hiding her from the press as if she is a delicate flower. She’s a toughy, and needs vetting badly. The way to do that is put her out there and endure the ramifications of your mistakes while she gets her feet under her. Shame on you boys for managing to insult women, destroy a woman and turn women into a political joke all within a few short weeks. Shame on you.


I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Tonight will be interesting – I am intrigued to see how both Obama and McCain handle the political chaos that has been created in the last 10 days, and most particularly in the last 5. Obama continues to surprise me with his deft balancing and cool calculation. I hope that tonight he has his game on, because there will be a LOT of eyeballs on him.

Best wishes for a smooth debate tonight Barack, we’re all pulling for you.


  1. braindonkey says:

    I am feeling a bit of concern about this “play” as well. He has been alluding to the idea that since he showed up, that he is responsible for the success (until late last night mind you…), by saying others will decide how much of a contribution he made. Yet, even many of the reps are saying he didn’t really contribute, nor even give an opinion.

    But this last minute plan, on 1 sheet of paper from the republicans in the house, which rolls in dropping capital gains, and wants wallstreet to pay for the bailout, is ridiculous, yet brilliant. They can claim that they want to protect homeowners in the future, by eliminating the capital gains on the sale of the home, so you as a homeowner get to keep all your profit. Here’s the thing, capital gains, when understood, should force you to move every few years OR stay in your house until you die. Most would move if they understood it, take the profit, roll it into the next house, and start again. Thats my plan, once the market comes back. 2 years, then sell, move up. But the kicker is the ploy that wallstreet paying for the bailout with private money is better than taxes is just a shift of the flow, but it still comes out of our pockets. If private institutions need to bailout their failing counterparts, they will just raise their rates, prices, fees, etc etc etc. They will layoff workers, they will now be more in the hole than they were before. In the end, we will still be paying the bill, but now we have no real oversight, because it is a group of corporations that can drag their feet. At least if its the government, we have 1 entity to complain to and blame.

    Personally, i think the rep plan is a cop-out. A way for them to shed future blame, instead of “owning” the decision. Instead, they chose a path that will allow them to absolve themselves of any failure by shifting the blame to the private corps that didn’t cooperate.

    Regarding Palin.
    I don’t care that she was nowhere near ready to be thrown to the wolves. She should have said no if she thought it. If McCain thought it, then why did he pick her? Which means, they both thought she was ready, and points out an obvious lack of understanding of what the process is to elect a president and vice president. The process is very simple this:
    Drop your pants please, I need to count every hair on your genitals and give you a colonoscopy.

    I HATE that they have sheltered her. If they have so much belief in her as being qualified and ready to lead, if that day was to arise, then let her prove it. But she can’t, as evidenced by the small amount of gibbering that has been let out. And it proves that they have no faith in her, but it is unfortunate that 100% of the American public doesn’t understand that. The number is growing who does understand, but it is insane that there are still those who think she should be handled with care.

    Oh and TV news has never been watched so much in my house than in the past few weeks. It’s like watching a stage full of strippers collapse.

  2. perkiset says:

    @ last minute plan: I think this has yet to play out a bit. We are worried about minute-to-minute tactics like few people (relatively) are. And I think in the grand back-look, this will not play well for McCain. There’s plenty evidence out there that he’s nothing but a big fart in the process, so creating a clear narrative that he’s the savior long term will be really tough IMO. Even now, the plan is struggling hard and there won’t be an answer by this evening. Meaning that McCain blinked… he’s debating, but no solution.

    @ Palin: I guess my point is less about Palin than it is women in general – the cynical choice of Palin may actually damage women in politics more than enhance it. I despise them for their hypocrisy and contrivance.

    @ sheltering her: shows just how stoopid they are. Do they really think they can float a VP candidate by without being investigated just as you propose? This is Rovian thinking taken to a logical extreme. They clearly think they can tell lies, bluff and distract their way into the white house. I am actually somewhat enthused that, over these several weeks, their ploy is beginning to wear badly.

    @ TV – man I get it. Even PinkHat, usually opinionated but less interested in TV has a hard time getting away from the moment-to-moment news. She’s even Tivoing things for me when she’s around and I’m not because, I mean literally, it’s just about all we are talking about. Cripes we need a life.

    Too bad you’re not coming to Ireland, I think a breath of non-American air would be good for all of us.

  3. perkiset says:

    Follow up: I think it is to our credit that we continue to bless McCain and his staff with supernatural political skills and omniscience, while limiting Barack to mere mortal capability. I think this sort of thinking is what makes him seem to rise to the occasion.

    Our ulcers will be less exercised if we remember that he is a skillful and clear thought political operative and that McCain is an impetuous, implusive dolt.

  4. unitedcrown says:

    Watching the debates right now. Yes, that was a total blunder by McCain, I lean toward using the word arrogant.

  5. SFNathan says:

    McCain’s stunt was an embarassment that is only going to serve as a footnote to the campaign (and a footnote that plays in our favor, but really doesn’t amount to much). There are more people saying that McCain’s last minute arrival to the Economic Bailout Deal was actually a distraction from making the bailout deal come together, then there are people saying that McCain helped. There are more people (including Mike Huckabee, of all people, as well as David Letterman who skewered McCain) saying that McCain made a huge mistake by suggesting he might not debate, than people saying it will help him. Obama is ahead in the national and state polls right now, the two polls out last nigt (CBS and CNN) overwhelmingly said voters thought Obama won the debate.

    Campaigns can be nerve wracking, but there are a lot more reasons for the Republicans to have ulcers right now than the Democrats. We are winning at this point. Let’s keep working towards success, and not getting too freaked out by the distractions of the other side.

  6. perkiset says:

    Agree Nate, and as I’ve noted in my next couple posts, it looks as though the political process may actually work this time, exposing the candidate for what he really is/is not in time for the election.