Republicans Dirty Little Secret: Fiscal Responsibility

In November of 2004, President Bush signed into legislation a bill, brought to him by his Republican controlled Congress, which raise the debt limits of the federal budget by a whopping 800 billion. The vote split precisely on party lines so the Republican majority passed it. The new federal borrowing cap limits the debt to 8.18 trillion which is about 70% of the US economy and more than 2.4 trillion higher than the debt that Mr. Bush inherited upon taking office in 2001. As of January 2007, the federal debt was approximately $8,631,771,242,832.47.

So when you bonehead so-called right wing whackjobs wanna throw around fiscal responsibility and big-government spending Democrats, you’d best take a look at your own house first.

And by the way: since Mr. Bush has made a point of looking out for your fiscal interests, it is important to note that he vetoed legislation that would increase the number of children with health insurance by about 4 million children this week. The total cost for the bill was 35 billion over the next 5 years, or approximately 7 billion per year. President Bush said that, “Now is not the time to be taking money from hard working middle class families.”

However, it is the time to ask for another 190 billion emergency spending cash for the war in Iraq for this year alone.