Congratulations Vice President Gore

Hard earned and well deserved, Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work spreading the word about global warming. He received it in conjunction with an organization that also supports the global climate change issue, but the important news is that he received it. As expected, plenty of boneheads came out [...]

Libertarianism: Where it fits, where it doesn’t

In this month’s Discover Magazine, Burt Rutan is interviewed and is brushed as being a Libertarian a mile wide. He made a comment in the interview which I find perfectly describes where the Federal government should, and should not be. He said something to the effect of, “Space flights should not yet be controlled by [...]

Highway Safety

Thanks to WillyP who emailed me this picture today… I think it’s just about right: Have a great Friday!

The “No good deed goes unpunished” department

First off, the fact that this war is being fought by National Guardsmen and reservists is just a travesty. Second, it is insane the amount of time that these good people are being forced to stay deployed. Lastly, it is criminal that we take these people, put their boots on the ground for longer than [...]

Republicans Dirty Little Secret: Fiscal Responsibility

In November of 2004, President Bush signed into legislation a bill, brought to him by his Republican controlled Congress, which raise the debt limits of the federal budget by a whopping 800 billion. The vote split precisely on party lines so the Republican majority passed it. The new federal borrowing cap limits the debt to [...]