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Author Topic: Dungeon Survival Guide in GW2 I  (Read 1487 times)
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« on: November 09, 2012, 10:26:08 PM »

Dungeons are a part of the most difficult content available in Guild Wars 2. And while story mode tends to be much easier than friendly alternative, you will still not want to enter the dungeons by surprise. To help make your first turns go well, we've compiled a collection of tips and important things to know.

Most of the groups of enemies you will encounter in the dungeons will have an order to kill preferred based on things like how much damage they can cause to your group, crowd control capacity, or if they support their allies somehow. A good example would be the monks in catacombs of Ascalon, which should be considered as high priority targets, followed by the Elementalists and Mesmers.Some of which boil down to a bit of trial and error to find the mobs should be taken first, but a few general MMO rules on wheels first defeat tend to apply here.

When it comes to target priority, even before start a Dungeon race that you want to assign or decide who should call objectives for your group. To call a target, once you have personally referred, press [Ctrl] + [T], which visibly mark the crowd of members of your group. From there, your teammates can press [T] to help automatically on the same target.This not only is it easier for all members of the party to order exact kill you seek, but with emphasis on the mobs fire individual most of the meetings will be go much smoother.

Dungeons in Guild Wars 2 have lots of traps and trigger mob spawns modes. While it is never a good idea to rush headlong into the unknown, this is doubly true in GW2. The history of the first mode, catacombs of Ascalon Dungeon, presents numerous examples of the reasons why these are the box areas.In some there are flames or multiple traps spikes that can almost instantly beat you if you aren't careful. It is a good idea to scan the area before entering as you proceed to see is there are objects that can be interacted with, or destroyed. In the case of CA traps, most will have a mechanism to turn them off, but you can also destroy them with attacks remotely if you are careful about the positioning.

An easy way to identify the interactive objects is to make liberal use of hitting your left the keys Ctrl and ALT hold CtROL will nameplates for the objects seem to be targeted, as well as nameplates of all enemies in the vicinity.Speaking of enemies, you will also need to watch out that you do not accidentally too many monsters spawn for your group to manage both. Use catacombs as our example yet again, remember to look for the blue mist rising from the ground. Each patch can be ghosts of veterans and if you are not careful in some places you can reproduce multiple mobs at a time. If you find yourself in this situation, however, do not panic. If necessary, you can always try to break the meeting and head back once the monsters have reset, then to shoot normally.

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2012, 12:01:42 PM »

Hmm. Right. OK, good safety tip. 

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