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Author Topic: phpMyIDE 0.5d Official Release Notification  (Read 2870 times)
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« on: June 18, 2008, 03:04:53 PM »

I am pleased to announce to official release of phpMyIDE 0.5d.

It is available now at and via these links:

First off, I wish to thank Dink for testing the hell out of this for me and also giving me access to his systems so that I could do some debugging work right at the source. Dinker you’re the best.

Also I wish to the TheDarkness who always helps, but specifically helped with the Authorized User problem I was having. Thanks man!

Version Updates
  • New INSTALL text file outlines the essential steps for getting the package running.
  • Updated the README
  • The command prompt just continues to get tighter and better. There we’re miscellaneous bugs with certain commands, like select count(‘x’) from a table that were hassling me and they’re all patched up. Other improvements include better answers for certain queries, like insert/update/delete – used to just return “OK” now they respond with the number of rows affected.
  • The config file has again been greatly updated. This time it’s got a huge amount of commenting to let you know exactly what each variable is and how it affects the system.
  • The multiple-connection stuff is in place and working nicely. The config.php file has details about how to create these records.
    • Essentially, you create another $connections[] record and that’s about it.
    • With these multiple connections you only need to install phpMyIDE once at your favorite location (heck, could even be local) and then tell it about connections around the world.
    • The zeroth connection record is called your primary connection, and this is where you must have the tables that phpMyIDE expects to run. You do not need them anywhere else.
    • Note that phpMyIDE will connect to any version of MySQL but that stored procedures and such are only available on versions 5.x.
    • The “current connection” now shows at the top right corner of the IDE under the version number.
  • Changing your connection is done through the command prompt. A couple new commands have been added to the lexicon to manage this:
    • Show connections will show a list of all available connections.
    • Show connect / show connection will show you the caption of the current connection
    • Use connection ([0-9]+) will change the connection to the [n]th record. The phpMyAdmin associated with that record will change also.
    • Use connection [connection name] will change the connection to the one named [connection name] and change the phpMyAdmin as well.
  • UserName/Password protected websites are now OK. This problem only presented itself in the command prompt with long commands like select * from a table. There are two new optional parameters in each configuration record for the username and password.
  • Reports: I am happy enough with the system to officially release version 1 of the reports. There are a few:
    • All reports are PDF files that open in another window.
    • DB Explorer: Click on a database and then click on the printer icon and you’ll get a complete list of all table layouts in the existing database.
    • DB Explorer: Click on a table in a database, then click on the printer icon below that and you can print out (that) table’s definition only.
    • Script Explorer: Click on a database, then click on the printer icon next to “Procedures” for example, and all procedures will get printed out. The cover page is a table of contents with the prototypes for each procedure as well. The same happens for Functions. Triggers get a slightly different table of contents which show at which events tables have a trigger assigned. Views are much akin to the Procedures and Functions listings.
    • Click on the printer icon under the database in the Script Explorer and you’ll get a PDF with all procedures, functions, triggers and views in one huge file.
    • Of course, clicking the printer icon in the editor pane when looking at a single script is still available as well.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is the testinstall.php script. This little routine will help you debug a connection problem. Call it from a browser and you should get nothing but “OK” for each tested item. If any of the items do not come up OK then you know that some element of the IDE will not work correctly. testinstall.php will test all of your connections as well, so if you have several connections and one in particular doesn’t work correctly, this will help. This script is going to eventually be incorporated into the IDE so that as you define connections you can debug them right there.

Things you should know
  • IE 6 and 7 are still problematic. The IDE only runs correctly in Safari and FireFox.
  • The Time Machine is not correctly recording backups of procedures on connections other than the primary connection. In other words, if you update a function on a connection other than your primary, the IDE will not back it up automatically for you. Since you can't use the Time Machine to go back and browse backups anyway, this is not a critical feature, and it will be repaired in the next release. But you should know Wink

As usual, the IDE is available as a tar.gz or a zip. Thanks to all the folks that are testing and letting me know their experience. I think it’s starting to get there!


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