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Author Topic: Reciprocal spider problem and snoopy can't fetch page.  (Read 1720 times)
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« on: July 11, 2008, 07:50:48 AM »

I have been testing a couple of reciprocal link exchange directories and it happends several time that auto check for reciprocal can't find their link on my wordpress blog post. So when I surf using firefox I can se the link just fine.
I have this link cloaking script and I added a logfile output where I can se ip, cloak status and agent.
So I suspected that maybe wordpress does something funny if I don't use supported agents and the agent of the reciprocal spider isn't supported.

So I wrote a quick script where I can test agent and url. When I try to load my link it goes blank. No results. If I try some other page like then it works. I have verified that I added the same agent as given by firefox. Still no results.
I have checked $snoopy->error but there are no errors.
I would be warmly grateful if somebody can help me out.

Here is my snoopy test code.
include ('Snoopy.class.php');
$snoopy = new Snoopy;
$agent $_POST['agent'];
$link $_POST['link'];
$snoopy->agent $agent;


//print_r( $snoopy->errorInfo());
echo $snoopy->error;

 <form action="CheckLink.php" method="post">
 Your agent: <input type="text" name="agent" value="<?echo $agent;?>" size="100">
 Check reciprocal: <input type="text" name="link" value="<?echo $link;?>" size="100">
<input type="submit" name="check" value="check">

Update on the problem.......
I think snoopy is the problem. Don't know what it is but it work with curl and Bompa tested with perl and there was no problem. I have also tried phpLD on my own server and it works.
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