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Author Topic: Extension installation  (Read 1465 times)
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« on: March 30, 2008, 03:25:25 PM »

Hi all,

Following up from my previous post regarding getting PHP to run Perl commands I've been trying in vain to install this extension -

Having established that it doesnt work on Windows with PHP version >5.1 (and fails to compile a new dll) I resolved to switch to a linux virtual for all my local server needs. I compiled and installed the extension and low and behold it still doesnt work  Roll Eyes !

My problem is, being a linux noob I can't actually establish if I've created the problem or that the extension is just bloody useless - I've followed the instructions to the letter several times to no avail. This is probably a huge ask, but I can't think of another alternative atm, is there any chance one of you nix gurus could have a bash at installing the extension should you have a spare test server laying around running PHP 5.2.5? I'm not sure how else I can establish if its me or the extension thats messed up.

Any suggestions/assistance much appreciated - this is driving me nuts  Angry !

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