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Author Topic: CF is a PAIN IN MY ASS!  (Read 3073 times)
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« on: November 12, 2008, 12:45:00 PM »

Hi all

Having a little problem with CF Server on Linux - here is the background info (pardon the long post pls):

Linux Enterprise 5 (ugh)
Apache 2.2.3
Coldfusion Server (major ugh)
Settings from the settings summary page:

Timeout requests  Yes   
Enable Per App Settings  Yes   
Request Time Limit  120 seconds   
Use UUID for CFToken  No   
Enable Whitespace Management  No   
Disable Service Factory  No   
Protect serialized JSON  No   
Protect Serialized JSON Prefix  //   
Missing Template Handler     
Site-wide Error Handler     
Enable HTTP status codes  Yes   
Enable Global Script Protection  Yes   
Default CFForm ScriptSrc Directory  /CFIDE/scripts/   
Maximum size of post data  100 MB   
Request Throttle Threshold  4 MB   
Request Throttle Memory  200 MB   
Request Tuning 
Simultaneous request limit  50   
CFThread Pool Size  10   
Maximum number of report threads  1   
Maximum number of running JRun threads  50   
Maximum number of queued JRun threads  1000   
Template cache size  1024 templates   
Enable trusted cache  No   
Cached query limit  100 
Save Class Files  Yes   
Cache web server paths  No 
Client Variable Settings 
Default client variable store  Registry   
Client Stores 
Type  COOKIE   
Description  Client based text file.   
Purge data after time limit  Yes   
Time limit  10 days   
Disable global updates  No   
Description  System registry.   
Purge data after time limit  Yes   
Time limit  90 days   
Disable global updates  No   
Memory Variables 
J2EE Sessions  No   
Application Variables 
Enable Application Variables  Yes   
Default Timeout  2,0,0,0   
Maximum Timeout  2,0,0,0   
Session Variables 
Enable session variables  Yes   
Default Timeout  0,0,20,0   
Maximum Timeout  2,0,0,0   
ColdFusion Mappings 
/CFIDE    /datanet/webdata/nfs_shared_web_homes/   
/gateway    /opt/coldfusion8/gateway/cfc   
Mail Connection Settings 
Default Server Port  25   
Connection Timeout  60 seconds   
Spool Interval  15 seconds 
Mail Delivery Threads  10   
Maintain Connection to Mail Server  No   
Max Messages Spooled to Memory  50000   
Default CFMail Charset  UTF-8   
Use SSL Connection  No   
Use TLS  No   
Default Mail Server   
Port  25   
Mail Logging Settings 
Log Severity  debug   
Log all E-mail messages sent by ColdFusion  Yes   
Cache Type  disk images   
Maximum number of images in cache  50 images   
Maximum number of charting threads  4   
Disk cache location  /opt/coldfusion8/charting/cache   
Java and JVM 
Java virtual machine path  /opt/coldfusion8/runtime/jre   
Initial memory size  MB 
Maximum memory size  512 MB 
Class path  -Dcoldfusion.classPath={application.home}/../lib/updates,{application.home}/../lib,{application.home}/../gateway/lib/,{application.home}/../wwwroot/WEB-INF/flex/jars,{application.home}/../wwwroot/WEB-INF/cfform/jars   
JVM arguments  -server -XX:MaxPermSize=192m -XX:+UseParallelGC -Dcoldfusion.rootDir={application.home}/../ -Dcoldfusion.libPath={application.home}/../lib   
As I am not a CF admin and this is my first time working with it most of these settings are the defaults.

CF is installed as the standalone CF server, not the multi-server Jrun install.
Enable Robust Exception Information is on so we get error info on screen at the client

My problem comes when CF locks up. It doesn't log a damn thing to tell me where the problem is and where to start looking (application or code). I have looked at the logs before and after a lockup but I can't find anything saying what happened. Or at least nothing I can understand.

Now the lockup may not be CF caused but I doubt it since the box is standard in all other aspects and has never had a lockup that was traceable to apache or the system itself and both Linux and apache are pretty good about being able to log at least something in a crash.

Is there some way to get cf to do additional logging in english? I even went onsite on a few of the lockups, hoping to catch an exception fault still on screen but nothing, screen won't even unblank once hosed. One interesting thing, when it locks up, low level network services are still available since I can ping the box during a lockup but cannot get any other responce. This of course then hoses our remote rebooter since it needs ping to stop to queue a reboot of the box Sad

I've administered all kinds of servers before and have never had this happen elsewhere. This is the only box running CF and since I can't find any problems elsewhere CF is my suspect.

Any ideas?

Thanks Smiley

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« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2008, 08:59:34 PM »

<cfif i knew more about coldfusion id be of better help>

but can you write some sort of a logging procedure to
write a massively long comma seperated value log
or xml to a flat file or files on the server so you can trace
the last time the cf interpreter got to what line of your
code....?  Maybe you could pinpoint it to a single
call your trying to make that hoses it if you use the
process of elimination commentin' out one line at a time..


03:05:42::Error Reporting set to zero and allow call time pass reference set to 1
03:05:42::did we make it to here..
03:05:53::Error Reporting set to zero and allow call time pass reference set to 1
03:05:53::did we make it to here..
03:05:53::right before doparse
03:05:53::first line inside of doparse
03:50:27::bottom of whole program..2000 is start file and 2500 is the end.



logit ("Error Reporting set to zero and allow call time pass reference set to 1");

$dir="./tests";//full path name of the text file  directory eg /home/testxml/texts  (without trailing slash) 




// some other code blah blah blah blah

logit("did we make it to here..");



function logit($outstr)
//file_put_contents($filename, $nuoutstr , FILE_APPEND);
// if this were php 5.0+

$handle fopen('xlog1.txt''a'); // append mode



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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2008, 07:43:00 PM »

ugh - ok - thanks Jammaster

I will suggest that to the programmer who handles the site.

I am rapidly arriving at the conclusion of telling her to fix her crappy code since I can't find anything wrong on the server side itself.

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