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Author Topic: How to efficiently keep up-to-date with posts at The Cache  (Read 2533 times)
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« on: May 17, 2007, 12:30:31 PM »

After the initial, obligatory review of boards, privileges and features of The Cache people often get lost in how to make it part of their daily routine efficiently. Losing a large portion of your life to reading/posting at The Cache, The Syndk8 and AffEarners is a common problem for an awful lot of us.  Smiley

So - after you've browsed about a little, click on the Show all Unread Posts link at the top. This will display a pretty huge list of all threads that you haven't read, in descending order of newness ie., the most newly-posted-to thread will be at the top. Browse through these, clicking either on the thread name (will take you to the beginning of the thread) or clicking on the little "document with an arrow" icon at the far right (which will take you to the end of the thread). Go through as many as are of immediate interest... but don't look through everything or your spouse will throw you out.

After you've satisfied your immediate data input requirements click the "Mark All Read" button at the top right. This will mark all threads in The Cache as "read" by you and they will no longer show up when you click "show all unread."

So now it's tomorrow. You log in... what do you do? Click the Show All Unread and all threads that have had at least one post to them since your last visit will be in the list, again, in decending most-recent order. Personally I use the document/arrow icon on the right to always take me to the end of threads so that I see what has change. Sometimes I need to scroll up a bit because of a particularly active thread, but this is a lot better than going to the top and scrolling down every time.

Rinse, repeat daily. Voila! you're an order of magnitude smarter everyday and you won't smell bad and kicked out of the house by your partner.
It's a win-win all around!  Wink

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