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Author Topic: Me too me too! I wanna play Brown Shirt too!  (Read 1128 times)
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« on: June 01, 2010, 01:45:13 PM »

Man oh man.;&strTime=0

A fine notion, until it's your color of skin that is unliked anymore.

Interestingly, my middle son is now working at a restaurant part time. He came home last night and proclaimed, "man dad I had it wrong. those guys really work, really really hard." went on to say that unlike the white people in the place, theres no "funny business" and they stay on task. His admiration and understanding went up about a thousand percent in one quick observation.

How to explain to those that would choose to believe otherwise? 

It is now believed, that after having lived in one compound with 3 wives and never leaving the house for 5 years, Bin Laden called the U.S. Navy Seals himself.
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 03:59:59 PM »

Great ur son is working in a restro Smiley
Good he learns what it means to work, and how some people have to earn their living.
I try and take my son out with me, so he sees how "real life" is.

I actually have a lot of experience in this area Smiley
Where I am, I am know by most of the filipinos as "The Canadian", By expats I am known as "The fuking Canadian", "The damm Canadian".
They expats resent the fact that I get along with the filipino.
A lot of it comes from fear of the unknown. In the case of the expats they are scared of the locals since they are scared etc.

Once u start to associate with "the other people", and both sides find out for the most part that they are not that different from you.
The fear starts to disappear from both sides.
From filipino you hear many funny things. I thought all foriegners where assholes. Are u sure u are a foriegner, u are not an asshole.
Again that does not mean u leave ur brain at the door. So if u are going off with a guy, make sure u are not getting lead into an ambush.
Where a good family income is $200 per month you have to be careful Smiley.
About the biggest danger i have, is they try to be hospital and make me drink local gin, which i tried once, and it almost killed me.
Another big danger is "bassy", it is like a rice wine, it will probably kill a foriegner due to the high bacteria count Smiley

Also since most foriegners are really stupid, they often attempt to "buy" respect. All that happens is the locals think they are patsies.
When the filipino tries to pull a fast one on me, I jokingly say, Heya I am not a stupid americano  ROFLMAO
Also they get amazed by the simplest things. When they are digging a hole, I will grab a shovel and help out.
They get really amazed by how well i can use a sledge hammer, and what they call a "berreta", i am not sure what they english word is for it.
A berreta is like a long heavy steel bar, with each end having a "pick" like end, used for digging deep hole.
Ok i like to play up to the crowd  ROFLMAO I use the sledge hammer with one hand to smash rocks.
The filipinos get amazed that foriegners can do such things.

A lot of "racial" tension is caused by higher ups using the divide and conquer method.
US economy is fuked. Distract people by playing the brown guy against the white guy.
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2010, 04:46:14 PM »

I always liked to think that I was a really great worker with superb work ethic
until I worked with some illegal immigrants on a construction site... doing my
best I could barely keep up with their weakest link... needless to say im twice
the size of every one of them. Every white guy except
me ended up getting laid off and they kept me either because I do a good
job or I know a lot of spanish.... Grin they work hard every
day they can as much as they can and their first thought on a day off is to
find more work to do to save more money.  No time for beer, no time for
sleep.  Just work. Without ever complaining , either.  Glad to be doing it.

There was even an older female among their ranks doing construction
work and keeping up the pace.

They don't play the 'pretend like I'm working and make my job keeping
my job / trying to get you fired instead of doing a great job' game.

They just do a great f@cking job, and from what i witness around here
anyway they get picked 9 times out of 10 over the locals. 

Because the locals stopped working a long time ago.
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