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Author Topic: Frugality rocks  (Read 1708 times)
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« on: September 14, 2007, 04:09:02 PM »

Maybe its not a word i dunno, but being frugal with memory is easy.

our main app at work stores 10 weeks worth of data, recoding information from hardware devices every second of every day, it has massive algorithms in it predicting the future as well as xml codecs, data decoders specific to our hardware and so forth.  we have a massive amount of data throughput a sceond, calculations to be done, and algorithmy stuff that makes my ears bleed.  and it all runs nicely on a 1ghz pc at about 15mb max [that includes 10 weeks worth of data]

the moral is if we can do that without trying, then why settle for bloaty apps?
ive noticed nowdays almost any app you run takes up like 32-64mb of memory, even calculator takes up a few mb...its pointless and wasteful.  ram is cheap but itd be a lot cheaper if you didnt need as much


p.s. i know its not useful i just like talkin bollox lol

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