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Author Topic: Great post at Cult of Mac on the new Surface tablet  (Read 6880 times)
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« on: July 16, 2012, 11:01:22 PM »

When Apple fanboys are talking about something Apple needs to be aware of, it's probably significant:


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« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2012, 12:22:39 AM »

Interesting take.  I think it's true that there are things Apple can watch and learn from Surface.  But the guy is all over the place in the article -- I agree with him that apps written specifically for the tablet are critical.  So the fact that the thing runs a version of Windows and can use Windows apps -- that's pretty meaningless.

First off, I'll bet that a very high proportion of current apps will be completely unusable without some dramatic rethinking of the user interface.  And there will be, at least initially, no convenient way to get current apps (at least the major ones, designed to install from DVD) ONTO your Surface.  At best that will be cumbersome and awkward.  Some software vendors will do a good job of coming out with Surface-specific versions of their Windows software, over a period of months and even years, but others will not.  Those who haven't dealt with digital distribution issues will have to crack that nut first.  To claim that the entire Windows software library will be at the fingertips of Surface users is just plain malarky.

Imagine using your Mac remotely, with your iPad as the interface, using something like Logmein.  Imagine all of the human interface issues you run into in doing that, having to take weird steps to simulate holding down keys and to do things like click and drag... that's almost exactly how using an unmodified Windows app is going to be on Surface.  Not exactly a consumer-friendly scenario.

I'm not worried about Apple; they're smart and will learn from the competition.  I'm not rushing out to go long on MSFT.

I read another article yesterday on Surface where a commenter was gushing about how Surface was going to blow the iPad away, because its specs were so much better, and I laughed out loud at the continued idiocy of the typical gear head who thinks any of this is about specs.  Here's a telegram from about 2008: specs are meaningless.  They don't matter a whit.  What matters is user experience and actual productivity, at least to the lion's share of the potential market.  Anyone who thinks that specs matter at least to the user is going to lose.
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