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Author Topic: VPN Tunnel Helper: pfSense to IPCop  (Read 3790 times)
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« on: April 07, 2010, 07:04:33 PM »

Here for Nuts & my future edification, if ever again necessary.

IPCop Box:
  • Use pre-shared key
  • Local and remote addresses thus: (a).(b).(c).0/ where a b c is obviously the network
  • Dead Peer detection set to restart
  • IKE Encryption: Blowfish 256
  • IKE Integrity: SHA and MD5
  • IKE Grouptype: MODP 1536
  • ESP Encryption: Blowfish 256
  • ESP Integrity: SHA1 & MD5
  • ESP Grouptype: Phase1 Group
  • ESP Keylife: 8 hours
  • IKE + ESP: Unchecked
  • IKE Aggressive: Not checked
  • PFS: Checked
  • Negotiate Payload: Unchecked

pfSense Box:
  • Local subnet: LAN subnet
  • Remote subnet: (a).(b).(c).0 / 24
  • Remote gateway (a).(b).(c).(d)
  • Negotiation Mode: Main
  • Indentifier: My IP Address
  • Encryption Algo: Blowfish
  • Hash Algo: SHA1
  • DH Key Group: 5
  • Lifetime - leave blank
  • Authentication method: preshared-key
  • Phase 2, Protocol: ESP
  • Encryption Algo: Blowfish
  • Hash Algos: SHA1 & MD5
  • PFS Keygroup: 2
  • Lifetime: 28800 Seconds
  • Ping Host: This is redundant to the Dead Peer detection in IPCop, which will execute a restart

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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2012, 12:15:14 PM »

Hello, I have got this antivirus problem in my computer. Actually I am using best Window 7 VPN services to access restricted r sites for which I need to change my ip address and http ports time to time. But now my antivirus is set up on my basic ip address and now I want to download update but itís denying the option. Do you guys also got this type of problem
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