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Author Topic: Want proof that the iPad is significant? Check it:  (Read 1041 times)
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« on: April 12, 2010, 10:51:49 AM »

As expected, rivals begin to float the idea of their own 'pad. Asus is floating the notion of 6 different pads in 6 different sizes. HP is reportedly building one that is only 6" (code named "small fry") ... the point here is that the iPad is simply on the front edge of a new way of interacting with machines, as has been expected. It's going to get richer and more well developed in the next few years and will be interesting to see where all the new products end up. Thus far, I'm not hearing of anything that will be anything significantly different than the 'pad, just a non-Apple machine with a few different features or sizes. Once iOS 4 hits the streets this summer there'll be precious little room for competitors to create real differentiation.

I think Apple's already done it. By getting into the space first (and so successfully already), the people whom are not yet convinced that a 'pad is a cool thing to have will listen to different advertising channels and purchase an Android based pad (for example) - this will create more ubiquity for the form factor, and will increase Apple's sales just as it increases sales to other vendors/manufacturers. Ergo, unless Apple is unseated (or exceeded) by something that is profoundly great, everyone else is probably going to be playing catchup in this arena.


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