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Author Topic: iPad stuck sending mail  (Read 4249 times)
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« on: July 10, 2011, 01:56:32 PM »

Had a challenge today that I thought was worth posting.

I sent a Keynote presentation to myself from my iPad. It's pretty damn large and it locked up the iPad. In fact I'd already received it in my desktop inbox, but it was not showing as sent and the iPad was stuck on "Sending 1 of 1."

I gave it about 2 hours to sort itself out, no dice. So I found a thread where a clever solution existed. I hard-shutdown and restarted the 'pad, this gave me control of the apps, at least (I couldn't even start anything). Then I changed to Airplane mode, which kept everything running but obviously stopped the mail client. This allowed me then to go to the outbox of that email account and simply swipe to delete the outbound mail - while mail is trying to push it, you can't delete it.

Once the mail was deleted, turned Airplane mode off and everything was right as rain.

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