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Author Topic: Excellent, extremely in depth review of iPad  (Read 1251 times)
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« on: April 10, 2010, 10:54:02 AM »

This is the gets one I've seen yet. It weighs in at 10 pages, so it's not quick ... But they conveniently places jump bars all rough the article to help you get to what you want to read about quickly.

The opening quote starts it off perfectly IMO:
The iPad is not a big smartphone nor a scaled down laptop. It's not really like any tablet that's come before it. And for this reason, it will delight users ready for something new, and confuse and upset people who expect it to be something old and familiar.

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« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 09:34:11 AM »

Here's my commentary on the review. I'm writing these because I want my thoughts on record so I can look back once I got the device and see if my expectations were right Wink

About the interface: It seems that Apple has done a lot of the stuff with iPad like trying to hide the whole file system what I have been telling people for the past 2 years. Files are just unnecessary package from times where there wasn't 1+n million different file formats. In reality it's just documents, photos and videos. The rest are pretty much unnecessary files you don't need to see. And please do note that I'm talking about everyday computer usage and not what we do for work like tinker around with hex editor. Another cool thing is that they are trying to teach people out of this whole windows paradigm. Having multiple windows open usually only weakens productivity and while it worked back in the 80s, it doesn't work so well with modern computers and they way we work with them. I'm glad you can have only one app open at time but not having apps run in the background sucks balls. But this is fixed in 4.0 so it's not an issue anymore.

However the rest of the UI still seems a bit web2.0 corny that's been plaguing iPhone also lately. I don't know if there's been some designer changes or what but Apple's visual style used to be really cool but professional but few years ago it started to go bit downhill to this trendy web2.0 type of bullshit. Now please do note that this is like ultimate nitpicking and it really doesn't have any weight except the few words it takes. You just have to look so hard to find flaws nowadays when all the obvious bugs are fixed. Kinda like Top Chef if you have ever watched the show. The food is nearly perfect so the judges have to dig hard to find even some flaws to rank by.

But I do love the way they are trying to bring in "realism reminders" in the UI, most visible in Address book. Leather texture, paper and so on but still avoiding problems that come with interfaces that try to mimic realism. Even I love the look, it worries me that their best effort was to revert back to real world which always suggests a lack of vision to me. Real world should be used as a place to get the behavior and expectation models but not to copy usability limitations that exist in real world.

I think the change Apple is trying to do is big but they know if they would advertise it as "the modern way to use computer" it would face a lot of resistance. Now they can just do it because "it's not a proper computer". I have this weird feeling that sooner or later OS Lite will be the primary OS people use and not OSX.

About the keyboard: I recently tried Windows 7 with touch screen. Touch is really the next way to use computers because it just gives you this incredible feeling of participation. I have never liked Maps from any companies for anything else than online maps usage but my god I fell in love with Microsoft's Virtual Earth when I could use touch to control it. But the keyboard in Win7 was horrible for few reasons. 1) You always had to open it separately with button, 2) it felt like it always opened somewhere you didn't expect, 3) the size changed. All those things resulted in the feeling that I really don't want to type anything which kinda cuts off most of the stuff you need to do with computer. It seems that Apple knows this and keyboard is always same size (except in Numbers) and at the same position. But based on you guys it seems that drifting is still a problem. NB's silicon dots is not a bad dyi solution but doesn't work for bigger audience. Who wants to have silicon dots on their screen when watching video? I think solution could be some on the glass itself. Like a small cut that you could feel with your finger but it's not visible. Easier said than done but I hope they are working on that. Now what I'm really excited is the possibilities of changing keyboard layouts. Not to be limited to qwerty but changable skins. Most people will continue to use qwerty but us efficiency freaks will probably learn better layout to be more efficient.

About connectivity: One thing I find really lame is Apple's decision to not support printing. I think it's one of the most retard decisions in a long time. I could imagine people using iPads as USB sticks to transfer school work for printing at school or something. Also this whole "we have bluetooth & wifi but we still support nothing" attitude is going to act against them and it certainly reminds me why Apple crashed and burned the last time. Also sharing is just way too limited. I really, really, really hate when companies try to tell me how I can transfer my files.

About maps: Well, I have started to hate Google Maps after having using them in iPhone. That app just sucks so badly. It's not streamlined, it's not user-friendly and it reminds me of Google. I don't want to see Google in my Apple devices. Apple devices are the ones that provides me creativity and inspiration - Google is the opposite of that.

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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2010, 11:27:53 AM »

>but my god I fell in love with Microsoft's Virtual Earth when I could use touch to control it.

The killer app I didn't think about.  That sounds amazing.  Cheetos be damned, I want a touch screen Smiley

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